Friday, December 14, 2007

Nallicheetu/Dry Gooseberry with curd/Amala

Dry Gooseberry in Curds is one of the traditional recipe of in Iyengar house. We Called Nallichettu in Our language. In kannada we called as Nallikai . Usually people make Pickle with in this Nallikai . You get the Nallikai in market from October to December( to say in Karthik Masam). Dry gooseberry can be preparedby cutting the fresh gooseberry and drying it under the sun. Its it also available in an Indian store . It can be stored for a long time.Its has medicinal values. sundried Gooseberry paste is used to apply on hair just like Henna ,its make your hair sliky and shiny. Its oil is also helpful for hair growth.My mother used to prepare the gooseberry oil at home and mix with coconut oil .

This nallicheetu is commonly prepare on Tulasi pooje day(Kartik Shukla Dwadashi) in our houses. Even this Gooseberry is used as diya or deepam on tulasi pooja day .On this Day tulsi married to Lord Krishna.I should thanks to my mother in law she had patiently dried this goosberry and powdered it,has send a bottle of it.

This year on I prepared Nallichatu Tulasi pooja.


Dry gooseberry pieces 5-10
Green chillies (chopped) 2-3
Coconut (scraped) 2 tbs
Jeera 1 tbs
curd 1 cup
salt to taste

Seasoning ingredients:

Mustard 1/2 tbs
Red chillies 1
Asafoetida a pinch
Curry leaves
Ghee or oil 1 tbs


Grind Dry gooseberry, chillies and coconut and jeera adding little water to a paste.
Add the ground paste to the curds.
Season the curds and mix well.

Serve tangy Nallichettu with rice.


Reena Rao said...


I loved your blog. But i am disappointed with your diction. You really need spell check lady.

All the best for future writing.

Raghu said...

Hi nice blog you have here. I came here from the link which Praveen has given in his orkut profile. I';; ask my mom to prepare nallichettu. My mouth started watering as I was reading your blog.

Do drop in at my blogs (I have six in total) Dont worry, it will not bore you. By the way, I am a Mysorean.