Friday, February 23, 2007

Tondakai Fry (Tondali/Tinda/Gherkins )

This is very simple recipe , its easy to prepare and can be done in short time. Depending upon your taste it can made spicy.

Ingredients :

1. Tondakai
2. oil 2 tbs
3. jeera cumin seeds
4. ginger paste
5. Red chili powder as per taste
6. Turmeric powder
7. cumin powder 1 tbs
8. salt
9. Asafoetida

Remove the end of the Tondakai & crush them take care it should not break

Take a pan.. heat the oil, then add jeera and ginger paste and asafoetida.

Add crushed tondakai in to the pan & fry it for 5 min with salt. now add red chili , jeera,turmeric powder . Fry on a low flame till the tondakai turn dark brown.Don't add water .

Server with rice or chapati.