Tuesday, March 20, 2007

ChouChou/Chayote/ Seemae BaDhanekayi bonda/bhajji

Chayote belongs to cucurbitaceae family. few vegetables of this family are squashes, Cucumber,Luffa (Herakai) and melons.

In English speaking countries its called as chouchou. In Kannada its called Seemae BaDahanekayi, In tamil Its called vilati vanga. In Southern part of India people make different kinds of recipes like magige huli, curries, dry sabbji, bonda .I usually mix this vegetable to make upama, sambar, sabbji .

Mexican use this for salads, they called it as chayote. You can find this vegetable in American stores.

It can be used without peeling the skin . Both fruit & its inner white part seeds have amino acid and vitamin C.

You Need

one chouchou
2 table spoon of Red chili powder
one cup of besan gram flour
salt to taste
1 tbs of rice floor (crispness)
oil for deep fry
water to make medium batter


peel the skin of chouchou and make a thin slice of it.

Heat the oil in a pan.

In a blow mix the gram flour and red chili powder, rice flour & salt. put water to make batter in thick consistency.

Dip the chou chou in the batter and put this dipped chou chou in the oil, fry it in oil till it turns brown color

Serve hot with pudina chutney.


Namratha said...

Hi Sushma, I had no idea we could make bajji out of Seemebadnekayi....nice recipe!! I saw your prfoile through MKIU (Orkut). Nice blog!