Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mysore chutney podi /Spicy pulsus powder

Chutney Podi is one the common South Indian spicy powder. If you peep into South Indians kitchen you find this podi in the airtight jar. There are different types of chutney podis. My mother prepares pulses chutney podi, curry leaves chutney podi , valakai podi(raw banana), groundnut podi, Ellu podi(sesame chutney podi),Inji chutney podi(ginger podi).

Podi is will prepared by using pluses ,spicy and curry leaves. This is wonderful combination for idli,hot rice and rice roti. In our house we eat this with dosa also and homemade rava uppama also.


1 cup black gram dal
3/4 cup Bengal gram dal
1/2 dry coconut (grated)
20-30 red chilies
Tamarind 1 medium sized lemon
1 small square sized brown sugar
Hing a pinch
Curry leaves 1 cup
salt to taste


Roast the Bengal gram and black gram till it turns golden brown color. Add 1/4 spoon oil in a pan roast red chili and curry leaves separately till starts spluttering, remove from the fire. Roast dry grated coconut , while roasting add tamarind and hing to it. Bring all this to cool and pound this together with salt and brown sugar.

Tasty podi is ready . You can keep this in airtight container for months .

While serving podi with idli/rice add little oil to it.


Sushma said...

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n33ma said...

Hi you have a nice blog.....I like to eat chutney pudi with hot rice and ghee.....will try making this.

Sushma said...

thanks for your encourage.. will continue my blog once my liytle one will able eat solid food.